Artist - Mehboob Nadeem

He was born on 15th October 1967 into a highly illustrious family of traditional musicians of the Agra Gharana. He is the grandson of the legendary Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan (Pranpiya) and Gayan Samrat Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan (Dilrang)

Mehboob was initiated in the art of music at a very young age by his father Ustad Yakub Hussain Khan and uncle Shri Rafat Khan - in addition under the able guidance of the world renowned sitar maestro Pandit Arvind Parikh, and grew up into an artist of rare calibre and much promise.

He has been the recipient of many prestigious music scholarships and has won accolades in a number of music competitions since my childhood. In 1991 he was honoured with the first prize in the All India Young Talent Contest from Nagpur and Khandwa and also a Bombay University Music Competition Trophy in the same year.

Endowed with a rich melodious and sonorous voice, he also learnt vocal music from his father Ustad Yakub Hussain Khan and his uncle Ustad Aslam Khan.

Apart from being gifted and talented, he possesses a keen and aesthetic sense and matured ability in the development and rendering of a raga.

Under the devoted teaching of his Guru and mentor Pandit Arvind Parikh he has excelled in perfecting the techniques and style of the legendary sitar maestro Ustad Vilayat Khan and has emerged to be a promising young sitarist of the Vilayatkhani Gharana.

His performances are truly unique and inspiring, and have enthralled audiences in India and abroad. He is a regular performer of all India Radio, where he gives solo performances. He has performed all over India, East Africa, and Europe and is currently engaged with workshops and concerts in UK.

Mehboob is also a well-respected and experienced teacher. He regularly engages in teaching activity through one-to-one tuition, schools workshops and at higher education levels. He has worked in India and in England, including with Ealing Music Support Services, Leeds College of Music , Redbridge Music Service and others.




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