Artist - R. R. Prathap

Sri R.R.Prathap is a versatile artist from Bangalore south India, who is a tudent of Vidwan. K.N.Krishanmurthy of Banglore had his initial training under his brother vidwan R.N.Prakash.

Started performing at a very early age of eight. He has performed in All India Radio at the age of two and a half years. He has achieved many prestigious awards including the 1995 Best Sahavadayam awarded given my Bangalore Gayan Samaj one of the prestigious music organisations in bangalore. He has also won many competitions including the 1997 National Competition conducted by All India Radio. He was also awarded scholar ship by Centre for Cultural Resource and Training (CCRT) and he was the only student who was awarded this scholarship through out India for the instrument Ghatam (Clay Pot). He has regularly performed on Radio and Television and accompanied many leading artists like Kadari Gopalnath, Mandolin Srinivas, Balmurali Krishna, Sudharagunathan etc.

He also plays in many know fusion groups and has also worked on composing for contemporary music and dance groups all over Europe. Prathap also specialises in conducting dynamic, powerful and unique interactive drumming workshops and residencies for school kids of different age groups, and special needs people.


South Indian Instrumentation


Taal Vadya Kacheri

7 Arts Centre

26th June 2010


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