Learning & Participation - Indian Folk Music & Dance

Gidha Boliyian

An opportunity for women and young ladies who are serious about Punjabi art and culture and want to learn Punjabi Boliyan, Geets, Tappe and much more

If you have a Dholki, you can bring it along too, and get ready to wow the crowd at your next family event!

All Sangeet group members attending regularly for 12 months or more qualify for 50% off from SAA-Kaur Group at family events.


Calling all Bhangra and percussion enthusiasts! Come along and join SAA-uk Dholis to learn the Dhol drum, one of India’s most energetic and much loved percussion instruments!

Whether you’re 6 or 60, the Dhol is a great way to destress, have fun and learn the rhythms of some of India’s most popular folk traditions. Learn the special language of the dhol, play it over your favourite grooves and be ready to show off at all the festive events and parties coming up in the calendar!

Class Summary

Where:  Bracken Edge Primary School Newton Road, Leeds LS7 4HE

Time:  Giddha Boliyan         6pm to 7pm (Dholki Practice) 7pm - 8pm Giddha Boliyan
            Beginner Dhol           6:30pm - 7:15pm
            Intermediate Dhol  7:15pm - 8pm