Learning & Participation - Indian Music Academy

Since launching in 1998, the SAA-uk Music Academy has developed into one of the UK’s most prestigious Indian music academies that runs throughout the academic year (Sept to July), and is producing some of the most exciting and celebrated young musicians of today.

Structured and delivered with world-renowned artists including Ustad Harjinderpal Singh and Bhupinder Singh Chaggar, our broad range of classes offer you the perfect opportunity to develop your musical talent, increase your confidence and listening skills, and gain a unique insight into the beauty and grace of this ancient aural tradition and its wider cultural heritage.

Set in the friendly environment of the GNNSJ Gurudwara in Beeston, the SAA-uk academy is also an opportunity to make friends, meet new people and become part of the SAA-uk extended family tree!

In addition to group classes, we offer 121 sessions, a range of professional development opportunities for young people, and the chance to perform at cultural events on a local and national scale

We offer training in:  Santoor, Sitar, Sarangi, Tabla, Vocals, Dilrubha and Taus
                            Anyone age 4 to Senior Citizens of all abilities
                           1 hour = £90 for 12 wk term (£7.50/hr per participant)      
                               1.5 hours = £114 for 12 wk term (£9.50/hr per participant)

(Family discounts, subsidies and Instrument hire are available on request – please call SAA-uk on 0113 244 5523 to discuss)

Generously supported by Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (Leeds) and Leeds Music Education Partnership

Class Summary

Sing along Kirtan Classes      Beginning 30th October 2016 (please contact SAA-uk if interested, for best timings)
Vocal Classes                         3pm onwards
Sitar Classes                         4pm onwards
Tabla Classes                        4pm onwards
Santoor Classes                    4pm onwards
Dilrubha Plus                         4pm onwards

Rules of the Venue:
Tobacco, drugs, meat or egg products are NOT permitted. Head must be covered; wear comfortable clothing (tunic top and jogging bottoms or shalvar). Jeans are NOT recommended