Learning & Participation - Wharfedale Festival

Wharfedale Performing Arts Festival
Supported by South Asian Arts-uk

The Wharfedale Festival was established in 1906 in Ilkley and is now in its 107th year. SAA-uk began to work with the Wharfedale Performing Arts festival over 10 years ago and we are delighted to have worked closely with the organisers to revise the South Asian Music Syllabus to include both the North and South Indian Music categories for the festival in 2013 to be held:

When:        11th to 18th May 2013
Where:    At Various Venues across Ikley.

Winners of the North and South Indian Music categories will receive £250 Training bursary and SAA-uk Trophy.

For more info go to: www.wharfedalefestival.co.uk

Hindustani (North Indian) Music Syllabus – DOWNLOAD SYLLABUS
Carnatic (South Indian) Music Syllabus – DOWNLOAD SYLLABUS

About the Wharfedale Performing Arts Festival

The aims of this organisation, said by the Federation of Festivals of Music, Dance and Drama to be the “jewel in the crown of the Federation festivals”, are to provide:-

•    a  platform for the professionals of the future
•    the first platform for many of our present professionals
•    a celebration of amateur performance centred principally on education
•    an annual event run for the community by volunteers
•    days of open concerts for supporters, schools and the general public.

It gives the opportunity for amateurs

•    To form an appreciation of artistic standards
•    To perform before a different type of audience
•    To participate in workshops and masterclasses
•    To increase self-confidence and self-esteem as well as to improve expertise, performance skills and techniques
•    To be assessed, encouraged and inspired by active professionals they would not meet in any other way
•    To compare and contrast opinions with peers and adjudicators
•    To receive verbal and written assessments

Performers are given

•    The stimulus of preparing for a public occasion and meeting deadlines
•    The opportunity to be measured against an artistic standard
•    The chance to receive individual constructive adjudication from a professional
•    The necessity to increase repertoire
•    The opportunity to hear the work of others
•    A deeper appreciation of the work of others