Learning & Participation - YIMYO Youth Orchestra

SAA-uk are delighted to announce that we have received funding to deliver a pilot year of YIMYE – a new Yorkshire Indian Music Youth Ensemble. We are grateful to Leeds Music Education Partnership, the Sir George Martin Trust and Yorkshire Young Achievers for supporting this new venture.

This is a new and exciting opportunity for young people aged 8-25 to immerse them in Indian classical music, and explore their art further through ensemble performance, develop a high level of skills in accompaniment, leadership, listening and communication as well as having the opportunity to create new music steeped in Indian Raag.

YIMYE is an outcome of an expressed need by young people to learn to play Indian Classical music together collectively, with young musicians bringing their respective instruments together to give life to this centuries old oral tradition. This is an opportunity for young musicians to feel empowered to progress and develop confidence to participate in cultural activities may that be as a Youth Jatha or a group presenting sacred music to a world music band. Our ambition is to empower children and young people to play together with confidence and be proud of their heritage and have fun, ultimately become the musicians, educators and audiences of the 21st Century!

YIMYE will be guided by a professional leader with a focus on creating original composition and performance as well as studying classical Rāgs. It will offer an approach that marries the traditional and modern, classical and contemporary, providing a wonderful experience for gifted and talented young musicians with a unique musical interest to develop and share their musicianship. The ensemble would be fully inclusive and open to Western musicians with experience of playing Indian music on Western instruments.

So…are you a young musician who has considerable experience in playing Indian Classical Music (equivalent to Grade 3 or more) interested in broadening your skills in accompaniment, music making, composing, musicianship and having great fun?

If you are a young musician and you’d like to know more, please contact Lorna on 0113 2445523 or email education@saa-uk.org