A wealth of resources to support your journey in South Asian Art

SAA-uk have a variety of information to support learning of South Asian music and dance providing a context to this historic artform and services to aid it.

For our popular classes in South Asian music and dance, you can access our downloadable handouts and lesson support.

If your school or community group are engaged with South Asian arts projects of activities, there is a wealth of downloadable material that provides an insight to the artform.  Simply click school resources on the navigational bar on the right.

SAA-uk have also begun compiling a glossary of terms, that enlighten all to the specific terms and reference involved in South Asian classical music and dance.  If you have any suggestions, additions, corrections or opinions, please contact the SAA-uk office, we are always happy to receive input.

And lastly, SAA-uk provide a service to purchase instruments, uniforms, repairs and media such as CD's and DVD's.