Project Ava

Access to cultural music-making for children with learning disabilities

Inspired by AVA a delightful little girl who is determined to learn the tabla and attends on Sunday evenings a young participant. She loves to share all she had been learning with teachers and school and friends and family at home

However, AVA has specialist needs and at SAA-uk we want to ensure that AVA and children like her have equal opportunity through ensuring that the rights kind of bespoke support has been provided and are empowered to achieve their potential to the full as they progress.

This funds will allow us:

1-2-1 tuition, Trained support worker, CPD training for Musicians and resources for audio and aural learning.

£50      Pays for the 1-2-1 tuition for AVA and children with similar challenges until she is ready to join the larger group

£100    Pays for a place at Annual Summer School

£200    Provides a trained a carer for a day

£500    To train young music mentors with specialist skills in teaching children with Learning Disabilities

£2000  Develop much needed specialist resources for audio and aural learning