Young Performers Fund

Performance opportunities for young gifted and talented emerging artists

At SAA-uk we believe that performance opportunities have a positive impact on young people’s development, they increase confidence, which will in turn motivate young people to aspire to achieve excellence.

Join us to create professional performance opportunities for gifted and talented young people aged 11-25, by donating as little as £10 a month to SAA-uk, and transform a young person’s life.

The fund will allow us to:

Create performance opportunities on a professional stage for upcoming talent

£35 will pay for 1-2-1 training session

£50 will pay for Instrument repair

£100 will pay for 10 sessions of training

£150 will pay for ½ day performance & presentations skills training workshop

£350 will pay for a brand new instrument with travel case

£500 will pay 2 full days rehearsal and performance