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Celebrating the many faces of Indian classical dance - beyond the costume

Dance is often seen as a form of expression without words. In India, dance is a series of historic symbols and traditions which originate from all over the country, telling stories and tales from many different cultures and religions.

In an evening to celebrate and educate yourself on all these different styles, we will be exploring the history behind four classical Indian dances, synonymous with South Asia: Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Odissi.

A pre-show talk on appreciating diversity within Indian classical dance will be chaired by Dr Nima Poovaya-Smith, curator, writer and founding Director of Alchemy Anew. This will also be the perfect opportunity to speak to the dancers and choreographers you will see on stage, including renowned artist Mitul Sengupta, a Kathak dancer from India, who has given performances for the Royal Danish Ballet Theatre, the International Dance Festival in Thailand, the Indo American Arts Council and many others worldwide.

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