Concerts - Jyoti Thakar in Concert

Jyoti Thakar thrilled the audience at Holy Trinity Leeds with an inspiring Sitar performance, with percussion delicately provided by Narinderjeet Singh Lallie.

Holy Trinity provided the perfect canvas with which Thakar painted the beautiful contours of Raag Puriya in the first half of the show, and concluded with three shorter compositions including Raag Jayjaywanti and Raag Bhairavi. 

We would like to thank Leeds Inspired for being able to share this wonderful performance for FREE, and also the audience who came along in their numbers to enjoy it.

For further information about this performance contact SAA-UK on 0113 244 5523 or email


I'm transported, can't believe it's free!
Amazing music and feeling
A real treat and a blessing
Love the community cohesion

Selected Audience Feedback