Concerts - NAVODIT

SAA-uk and Akademi proudly presented NAVODIT, an enriching showcase of emerging dancers from across the UK. Mentoring the best and brightest young South Asian artists provided a bold and adventurous take on the grass root styles of classical Indian Dance. NAVODIT showcased work from upcoming British Artists as they rise and establish themselves as part the cultural landscape of the UK.


1.             Salaam: Umran Naqvi, Pranav,
Composer:  Maharaj Ghulam Hussain    Choreographer:  Fasih ur-Rehman 

The word salaam means peace in Arabic and is used as a salutation.  The dancers offered homage to the space, the art form and the divinity. The piece explored the welcome to the audience in the traditional Mughal style.

2.             Ganesh Stuti: Umran Naqvi
Music: The Drishtikon Dance Foundation  Choreographer: Aditi Mangaldas 

This invocatory piece is in praise of lord Ganesh  (also known as Ganapathi) the elephant headed lord of wisdom and intellect, as well as the remover of obstacles. Set in teentaal a 16 beat time cycle.

3.             Teen-taal:  Pranav
Choreographer:  Rajendra Gangani          

The piece continued the theme of Ganesh with a poem describing his attributes.  It then moved on to a presentation of some of the traditional pure dance repertoire of the Jaipur style of Kathak, including movement compositions (tukras), footwork compositions (tihais and ladi), and stylised gaits (gat nikaas).  It was set in teen-taal, a 16-beat time cycle.

4.             Taraana in Raag Maalkauns: Umran Naqvi
Music: Kalashram, Pt Birju Maharaj   Choreographer: Sushmita Ghosh

Tarana is a Persian word meaning ‘song’ invented by Hasrat Amir Khusrau a famous Sufi Poet. This was a celebratory piece where syllabuls such as ‘na dhir dhir’ ‘daani’ ‘tanoom’ ‘tana dere’ are sung instead of words. Set to a 16 beat (Teentaal) time-cycle.

5.             Jaa jaa re kaagavaa: Thumri in Raag Pahadi:  Pranav
Sung by:  Parveen Sultana Choreographer: Urja Desai Thakore

A thumri is a romantic or devotional poem sung in a semi-classical style.  Characteristic of thumri is its short, elliptical texts (usually in a dialectal form of Hindi), whose openness lend themselves to emotional interpretation both in the singing and also by dancers who present abhinaya or expressional performances.  Pranav presented this thumri in the old baithakistyle of Kathak.

6.             Navodit: Umran Naqvi, Pranav
Composer:  Geetanjali Lal    Sung by:  Ramesh Parihar
Choreographer:  Geetanjali Lal

This piece showcased compositions and technique from the Jaipur style of Kathak and was arranged by Umran and Pranav to present a traditional taraana in a duet setting.

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