Concerts - Sacred Sounds Salon: Sikh Music Traditions and WW1

Sacred Sounds: Sikh Music Traditions and the First World War explores some of the many narratives of this period – the timeless and transcendent beauty of the shabads themselves, the composition of which started with Guru Nanak (1469-1539) the first of the Sikh Gurus; the power and pathos of the letters exchanged between the Sikh soldiers and their families in the Punjab; the voices of the women of the Punjab through fragments of ballads and songs; the brusque recruitment songs that the British commissioned as well as new spoken word elements. 

A cinematic backdrop of images promise to make this a thought provoking and memorable experience.

The live cast features: Kirpal Singh Panesar (strings and vocals), Keertan Kaur Rehal (vocals and harmonium), Christella Litras (vocals), Ravneet Sehra (vocals and spoken word), Prabhjot Singh Gill (percussion), Joe Williams (spoken word) and Vijay Venkat (strings). 

The concert is further brought to life by award-winning writer, artist and film-maker Imtiaz Dharker’s vivid poetry and images, enhanced by Jack Lockhart’s animation.

NOTE: The Salon events contain a selection of Shabads, vocals, and spoken words from the main concert.  Aprox running time 60 minutes.

For further information about this performance contact SAA-UK on 0113 244 5523 or email