Concerts - Sadhana ft Ramneek Singh & Company

Ramneek Singh flew in from Canada and shared with audiences her soulful voice by presenting her love and passion of the Indore Gharana; a distinctively meditative and serene style of Khayal, as instituted by Ustad Amir Khan.

Ramneek’s specialty is Vilambit Khayal and she is renowned for her ability to slowly unfold the swar (notes) and take each listener on a journey from the exterior to the inner depths of the soul.

Ramneek Singh was accompanimed by the much loved musicians Ustad Surjit Singh on Sarangi and Shahbaz Hussain on Tabla.

The evening included a rendition a Bade Khayal composition, devotional music and a light classical piece to round the evening of.

Upcoming vocalists Hibha Mahmood and Jaskiran Kaur Mehmi were also showcased at the start of evening and they were accompanied by Amandeep Singh Mehmi on Tabla and Eeshar Singh on Harmonium.


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"Not only was the music moving but emotionally moving too"