Concerts - Sau Rang

The Sarangi is probably North India’s most beloved ancient instrument, known for its soulful sound that transports the listener to a peaceful state-of-mind. The name ‘Sarangi’ literally means the instrument of ‘one-hundred colours’ (‘sau’ + ‘rang’) and today, this bowed instrument is performed by very few.

On this eveining Ustad Surjeet Singh performed evening Ragas on this compact, yet resounding
instrument. With Tabla accompaniment by Ustad Sukhvinder Singh.

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"I think this was very inspiring for musicians that want to go further on as it was interesting and still shows the classical and beautiful music".

"My first visit to this type of concert and I found it very interesting. I was mesmerised by the complete composition."

"Great entertainment. I felt honoured to be here listening to music I would otherwise not hear".

"SAA-uk concerts are always good – this was no exception".

Anonymous Audience Members