Concerts - Solstice Festival

Book a day off on the 22nd June 2012 , so you a free Mind, Body and Soul to take on the challenge of staying awake on mid-summer night 21st June to listen to romantic rāgs, late night haunting melodies and rhythms, by internationally renowned musicians Shaheen Khan & Co, Roopa Panesar, Ustad Dharambir Singh MBE, Bhupinder Singh Chaggar, Ustad Harjinderpal Singh, Dr Vijay Rajput, Shahbaz Hussain and Kaviraj Singh and enjoy cups of Cha ready to greet the new dawn through soulful rāgs.

Rags are melodic frameworks, which are associated to seasons, emotions (rasa) and times of the day. A great number of people have had the opportunity to listen to rāgs that are played in the afternoon or evening between 6.00pm and 10.00pm.  This Solstice Festival gave artists and audiences alike an opportunity to enjoy rāgs rarely played or heard in the UK, through this event unique brought to you by SAA-uk.


Evening Programme

8.00pm doors open
9.00pm SUHANI- Ghazals and Geets by Shaheen Khan & Co

10.30pm Parampara  - Sitar Duet featuring Ustad Dharambir Singh MBE and disciple Roopa Panesar accompanied by Sri Shahbaz Hussain on Tabla

12.00pm Benares Bhaj  - a Tabla Solo by Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar accompanied by Kaviraj Singh on harmonium

1.15am  Strings of Kashmir  -  featuring Ustad Harjinderpal Singh on Santoor, accompanied by Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar on Tabla

2.45am  USHA  - Vocal recital of early morning rāgs - Dr. Vijay Rajput accompanied by Sri Shahbaz Hussain on Tabla and Kaviraj Singh on Harmonium

4.00am  - Breakfast – Fruit , Aloo Puri, manjo Lassi, Cha by Mr Peshwari

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Still basking in its afterglow (Wesley Zepherin - ACE Relationship Manager)

I found the experience life –changing, I feel more open, more intelligent (anon)

I would like to say a massive thank you for such an inspiring event last

About a year ago I first properly listened to Indian classical music at a friend's house, and since then have gradually learned more about this music and become very interested it.

I was excited to hear about the solstice event and decided to take my son his partner for his birthday. This was the first time I heard Indian Classical in a live context and was utterly mesmerised by the music and Performances. It was a totally fantastic event - the programme of works. Seemed extremely well considered and each piece had a different feel to it, and the environment was very welcoming. It was such a great way to encounter this music for the first time, and it has deepened my understanding and enjoyment of this music. Both my son and his partner loved the event.

Well done and I hope you manage to do a similar event next year.
Mark fell

And Sitara Khan was so moved by the first SAA-uk Solstice, she wrote this poem:


Shaheen concludes Faiz's ghazal - the evening has relined
with 'muqta urz hai.'
She leaves the stage and the audience bewitched.
The young night too is smitten - her eyes peeled.

When the sitar duets dance to Shabaz's fingers on the tabla
reaches a crescendo, she is there to a standing ovation.

waves of Banarasi Rag and the Santoor's hundred colours
ripple over her languid body.

Watching Dr Vijay with his Rag drink from the celestial cup
and transcend into some Qawwali like trance,
she sits up bolt, slips on a light garb and presses
the remaining sip to the dawn's parting lips.


Various Audience Members