Concerts - Summer Solstice Festival 2016

SAA-uk celebrated our 5th Summer Solstice Festival in some style in June 2016, in what is the only all-night festival in the UK dedicated to the very best of Indian classical music featuring world class musicians.

This year we kicked off with a rhythmic duelling between tabla & mridangam, followed by a unique Sitar and Cello duet.  Sweet immersive Hindustani vocals followed around midnight, swiftly followed by the Sarod of Ustad Shohadat Hossain.  The night/day was concluded with the Saranghi and vocal of Yusuf Sohail Khan.

The acts were as follows:

Jugalbandi – North & South percussion duel between Tabla & Mridangam.  Featuring: Shahbaz Hussain & Prishanna Thevarajah

East Marries West - brings together the Sitar and Cello to create a unique experience that wakes up the inner senses.  Featuring: Shubhendra Rao, Saskia De Haas Rao and Shahbaz Hussain

Surrender – Invite everyone to surrendermind, soul and body to the midnight hours to the sound of the Sarod and the Maihar Gharana.  Featuring: Ustad Shahadat Khan and Bhupinder Singh Chaggar

Yearning – Is the vocal call for the night to pass and beckon the sun to rise.  Featuring: Smt Poulomi Chakraboraty, Kirpal Panesar and Bhavanjhot Singh

Dawn – New day, new beginning and your opportunity to experience the sensuous and heart wrenching sounds of the Sarangi.  Featuring: Suhail Khan (Grandson of deeply loved maestro of Sarangi, Ustad Sabri Khan) and Bhupinder Singh Chaggar

Lead Musicians: Poulomi Chakraborty, Suhail Khan, Shubhendra Rao, Saskia Rao-de has, Prishanna Thivarajan, Bhupinder Singh Chaggar, Shahbaz Hussain, Kirpal Singh Panesar.

For further information about this performance contact SAA-UK on 0113 244 5523 or email