Concerts - The Legacy

South Asian Arts-uk and Leeds College of Music presented a unique opportunity to experience the intricate rhythmic patterns, grooves and the formidable skills of a collective of Tabla players from Leeds. The collective all came together to give an electrifying performance on Tabla, one of the worlds most famous percussion instruments, in memory of their Guru and teacher, the late Pandit Sharda Sahai ji of the Benarés Gharana. Pandit Ji is considered one of the greatest and most generous music Maestros of our time. As a Fellow of the Leeds College of Music and through his work in the community with SAA-uk; Pandit ji worked tirelessly to keep alive the art of playing Tabla.

On this day South Asian Arts-uk, Leeds College of Music and the Leeds community were proud that Pt. Sanju Sahai, his Guru Bhai, Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar and his fellow disciples came together in their vision of keeping the art flourishing and the legacy alive!

‘We are eternally grateful for his contribution to the world of music in Leeds’ (UK). Keran C.E.O

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"Wicked evening! Well done everyone!"                                   Sehaj Singh

"It was a phenomenal experience to play on stage in memory of such a humble, skillful teacher."                                                          Prabhjot Singh - Member of Tabla Collective