Concerts - Summer Solstice Festival 2018

SAA-uk and Leeds College of Music join forces to bring you recitals, talks and world class music on this 2018 Summer Solstice. International artists like Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh and Suhail Khan, will share the stage with rising stars Jasdeep Singh Degun and Gurdain Singh Rayatt, showcasing some of the best Indian classical music.

Over the two days of the Festival you will have the opportunity to listen to a host of early instruments, like veena, sarangi, ghatam and mridangam, along with popular sitar and tabla. The relaxed Lunchtime Recitals will be followed by two evening concerts, exploring conflicting traditions in a magical double bill performance.

The Indian Music Appreciation pre-show talks will prepare you to the evening concerts, giving you the chance to truly appreciate the intricacy of India’s classical music tradition.

Delicious vegetarian Indian food will be on sale at the evening concerts on both days.

Thursday 21st June 2018

Midday Mantra – Lunchtime Recital (1-2pm) £5, £7

Shahana Sokhi (vocals) Gurdain Singh Rayatt (tabla) 


North vs South Music Traditions – Indian Music Appreciation (6-7pm) FREE

Join us to build knowledge and understanding of Indian classical music, its traditions, unique features and take part in a conversation between Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh, Sri Jayachandra Rao, Shri Prakash Ji, Jasdeep Singh Degun and Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar about listening and appreciating the two classic music traditions of North and South India.


Uttar aur Dakshin – One evening two traditions (7.30-11.00pm)

£12.50, £16.50 (including pre-show talk + tea/coffee)

Jasdeep Singh Degun (sitar) Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar (tabla)

Dr. Jayanti Kumaresh (veena), Sri Jayachandra Rao (mridangam) and Shri Prakash Ji (ghatam) 


Friday 22nd June

Shiva-Shakti – Lunchtime Recital (1.05-1.55pm) £5, £7

Savita Sundaresan (vocals), Abhiram Sahathevan (miruthangam) and Marthungi Uthayakumar (violin)


Raag vs Taal – Indian Music Appreciation (6-7pm) FREE

Join a conversation exploring the intimate relationship between Taal (rhythm) and Raag (melody) in North Indian music. Learn about individuality, improvisation, communication and expression with Suhail Khan and Gurdain Singh Rayatt.


Taal se Taal + Andhera aur Roshni – One evening two traditions (7.30-11.00pm) £12.50, £16.50 (including pre-show talk + tea/coffee)

Gurdain Singh Rayatt (tabla) Keertan Rehal (harmonium) 

Suhail Khan (sarangi/vocals) Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar (tabla)

For further information about this performance contact SAA-UK on 0113 244 5523 or email